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Saudi Driving License Computer Test Questions Pdf Pdf




Having in mind all the rules, regulations and legal requirements for the driving test, to enable the driver to be licensed to drive an automobile and in the best conditions. What about driving a car? Only experienced drivers can drive a car. This is why driving lessons are necessary: to teach the student how to control the vehicle. What does a driving test consist of? The first thing the student should be prepared is the driving test itself. A driving lesson is needed in order to pass the driving test with no problems. The driving test itself is divided into two parts: Part 1 (driving license) and part 2 (long-distance driving test). They are both done in one day. The first part of the test requires an examination, where you are expected to know the traffic rules and regulations, use the car properly, be able to negotiate all the turns and signals correctly and much more. This part is intended to make sure that the person behind the wheel is capable of driving the car in all the conditions, on all the roads and under all types of weather and lighting conditions. The second part is a long-distance drive. It consists of driving in a semi-automated car for a distance of about 15-20 km. By the way, the driving lessons should be taught in a spacious, protected and very safe driving school and they should not be split up in multiple lessons. However, they will be a long and difficult experience, so your driving lessons should consist of short breaks from your daily routine and spending some quality time with your child. The driving test does not allow the child to “practice” driving without any real test. If your child doesn’t pass the driving test at the first try, he/she will get a chance to take it again after the first month has passed. If the child fails it the second time, he/she will be given the chance to get some additional lessons with a professional driving instructor in order to improve his/her skills. However, if the child keeps failing the driving test each month, then it is unlikely that the child will pass the test in the end. In this case, professional driving lessons are a must. The driving test certificate is valid for two years, during which the license to drive a car may be used only if it is valid, i.e. if it is issued by the traffic administration. In order to be issued a driving




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Saudi Driving License Computer Test Questions Pdf Pdf

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